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Glove Coating Technology

The capabilities of modern-day glove manufacturing have improved significantly due to the introduction of polymers. A molecular substance or material used to coat areas of a gloves’ shell in order to create or enhance particular characteristics.

There are various different types of polymer both synthetic and natural, they all have their own specific properties and can be applied in isolation or together to form a bi-polymer.

Many gloves have a polymer coating to the palm and fingers and in some instances, it extends over the back of the hand depending on the required function of the glove. Gloves are often referred to as either palm coated or fully coated which denotes the extent of the polymer coverage.

Polymers are selected by the manufacturer to enable a range of useful benefits; powerful grip, durability, dexterity, liquid or oil resistance, breathability or touch-screen capabilities are typically desired by industry. Coatings are applied to fulfil these requirements.

The use of polymers in today’s glove manufacturing process has increased the possibilities for hand protection and vastly improved safety in the workplace.

Our range encompasses over 20 different polymers which are broken down into categories and explained individually

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