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Greenknight Sustainable PPE.

At MCR Safety we pride ourselves on being leaders and innovators in the field of industrial hand and eye protection. We strive to be ahead of the curve for every change in industrial culture, especially now with the global focus on sustainability.

It was essential for us to react quickly to changes in ethical thinking. Industry is under pressure to adapt their behaviour in order to protect the environment. We support that by providing the best quality, sustainable PPE with the trustworthy protection our customers expect from us.

Greenknight | Sustainable work gloves and safety glasses

Greenknight – Our mission.

Over the last few years, our Technologists have developed a new sustainable brand called Greenknight. Products from the Greenknight range were first introduced in early in 2023 and have already been well received by businesses and end users alike.

Demand for eco-friendly PPE is growing all the time so being able to supply reliable products made with recycled content and delivered in recyclable packaging is just part of our environmentally friendly ethos.

Our mission is to reduce environmental impact by eliminating single use plastics where possible, using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption within the manufacturing process. We have invested a great deal of time to explore all the avenues available in the development of Greenknight which only uses high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

GRS and RCS Certification.

With a powerful logo and branding, Greenknight is designed to stand apart from MCR’s existing brands so wearers can easily identify that they are using a sustainable product. Further guarantees are provided as the range achieves both GRS and RCS certification.

GRS stands for ‘Global Recycled Standard’ and RCS stands for ‘Recycled Content Standard’. Certified standards are denoted on product spec-sheets so it’s very clear to see what certification has been achieved for each individual item. There are subtle differences between the two endorsements so we’ve prepared an overview so you have clarity.

Both GRS and RCS certification insists on traceability of recycled input materials in all aspects of the product. This provides consumers with a guarantee that the manufacturers’ recycled claims are genuine. They also both work to ensure alignment of recycled definitions across multiple applications so recycled claims can be more easily identified and understood by consumers, plus empowering them to make eco-friendly decisions.

Objectives specific to GRS take things a little further. Products achieving GRS certification are also guaranteed to have reduced harmful impact on people and the environment throughout the manufacturing process. It provides assurance to consumers that materials in the end product are recycled and processed sustainably. The body also invests in driving innovation and addressing quality issues in the use of recycled materials.

GRS and RCS industry standards relate to textiles and were developed through an open and transparent process led by The Textile Exchange and representatives from across different industry sectors and their supply chains.

Greenknight Work Gloves.

General Handling.

New work glove Sustainable Elements
Nitrile Micro Foam
Palm Coated

New work glove Sustainable Elements
Recycled Polyester / Spandex
Nitrile Micro Foam
Palm Coated

Cut Protection.

New work glove Cut Resistant Level Sustainable Elements
Cut Fibre / Recycled Polyester
Nitrile Micro Foam
Palm Coated

Greenknight now and for the Future…

We have successfully launched a range of Greenknight hand production with both general handling and cut resistant options. We also have a number of safety glasses that are powered by Greenknight with our eco-friendly UV-Cured Coating. This new innovation is completely exclusive to MCR safety and has been independently calculated to vastly reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption in manufacturing compared to the traditional thermal cured process.

These products are here now and ready to be part of everyone’s move towards sustainability. Yet it’s not the end of the journey. Our Technologists never cease to explore new ways of improving and advancing our Greenknight range – watch this space for updates and new products…

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