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Latex Gloves

Latex coated work gloves have high elasticity so they stretch around the hand to guarantee a sung fit. The nature of latex enables it to form a powerful grip, especially when it’s textured. It can tolerate heat and is resistant to tears and many water-soluble compounds.

We manipulate latex in several different ways to further enhance its natural properties and create gloves ideal for a range of environments.
  • Latex Foam
    Microscopic air bubbles are present in the latex which provide a soft-touch effect and slightly cushion the hand. This equates to firm grip and great comfort for the wearer.

  • Latex Dual
    This simply denotes a double coating of latex which forms a slightly thicker layer hence better durability and better resistance to penetration by either solid objects or liquids.

  • Latex Suction
    Due to the slightly pitted surface texture of the latex which is formed in the manufacturing process, this coating actually creates a level of suction between the glove and the object being held. The result is an extremely powerful and reliable grip.

  • Latex Crinkle
    A ridged effect is created on the surface of the latex which acts in the same way as the ridges on a human fingerprint. This enables supreme grip and is especially effective on smooth surfaces like glass and sheet metal.

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