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PuraTec is a water-based coating completely free from DMF and silicon. This means zero skin irritation and zero odour. It uses safe dyes that guarantee no migration of pigment particles onto the skin or any other contact surface. It’s also non-allergenic.

Silicone is a common element in glove dip formulas; it becomes atomized in the air and will deposit on surfaces. These deposits can cause erosion which is detrimental in most industrial environments. With PuraTec there’s no silicon so no deposits and no risk of erosion where the silicon is deposited.

Although the feel and appearance of the coating is smooth, the grip is surprisingly strong. Not only will you get a secure hold on a dry object or surface, you can also grip anything wet or slightly oily.

The incredible flexibility of PuraTec allows the glove to perfectly follow the contours of the hand. Because it has material memory, when stretched, it will always return to the correct ergonomic fit. Even if you have very large or very small hands, once you have the correct glove size for you, the comfort will be exceptional.

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