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Whenever you see the charity contribution symbol, we will contribution part of the sale to one of our supported charities.

Supporting Charity.

Our Philosophy

As a business we believe in supporting charitable causes that help to improve the lives and wellbeing of others in the environment in which they live. It forms part of our philosophy to share the results our success by helping worthy causes.

We’ve devised a sustainable way of fundraising by taking a proportion of revenue from a selected product range which displays the ‘Red Heart Symbol’ within our portfolio. On our website, you will see the red heart symbol appearing for products that are included. Below is a listing of the contribution each product makes towards the charitable fund. As our range grows, the number of products contributing to the fund will also increase.

Challenging Times

We focus a lot of our support towards Acorns Children’s Hospice with whom we have built a firm relationship. However, as life becomes increasingly difficult for other groups within society, we take a flexible view on where our contributions will have the greatest impact. We particularly see a need to support foodbanks in these challenging times.

Acorns Children’s Hospice

Acorns Children’s Hospice provide palliative care for babies, children and young people aged from 0 to 18 years, diagnosed with life limiting or threatening conditions. They also support the families, helping them cope at every stage of their child’s life and beyond.

Acorns has been an invaluable resource for families in need since 1988 with hospices in Worcester, Birmingham and Walsall. MCR Safety is proud be associated with this great organisation by providing financial support from our fund.

Charitable Fund

We take our charity fundraising very seriously, we believe in helping those in the greatest need at any given time. Therefore, we will review our charity partners on a regular basis to ensure we are providing support where it’s most needed. We reserve the right to allocate our funds wherever we feel is most appropriate and select the projects that we view to be most worthy.

We are fully transparent about the level of charity support that is generated from each of our products involved in the Charity Fund. More information is available on request by contacting us at: (ask@mcrsafetyeurope.com)

Our Product listing with the ‘Red Heart’ and the contributions made.

Product TypeProduct CodeContributed (£) 
Eye ProtectionHydroblast / CEENHB1320PF0.05 View Product
Eye ProtectionIceBreaker / 66100/200.05 View Product
Eye ProtectionKarn-OTG / SP5002GDC1CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionKarn-OTG / SP5002GDC2CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionKarn-OTG / SP5002GDM3BA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionMarazion / SP5001AEC1CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionMarazion / SP5001AEC2CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionMarazion / SP5001AEM3BA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionSennen / SP5000AFC1CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionSennen / SP5000AFC2CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionSennen / SP5000AFM3BA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionSphere / 94004a0.05 View Product
Eye ProtectionXO Skeleton / CEEN104PF0.10 View Product
Eye ProtectionZelah-7 / SP5003GBC1CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionZelah-7 / SP5003GBC2CA0.03 View Product
Eye ProtectionZelah-7 / SP5003GDM3BA0.03 View Product
Gloves61C1100.02 View Product
Gloves61C1600.02 View Product
GlovesCT1062NA0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1062ND0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1062PU0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1063NA0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1063PU0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1064NA0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1064ND0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1064PU0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1065ST0.05 View Product
GlovesCT1068PU0.02 View Product
GlovesCT1071NM0.03 View Product
GlovesCT1071PU0.03 View Product
GlovesCT1073NS0.03 View Product
GlovesCT1073PU0.03 View Product
GlovesCT1073SL0.03 View Product
GlovesGP1005LD0.02 View Product
GlovesGP1006NA0.05 View Product
GlovesGP1006PU0.05 View Product
GlovesGP1076LD0.02 View Product
GlovesIP1052NS0.03 View Product
GlovesSL1067NO0.02 View Product
GlovesWL1076LD0.03 View Product