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Tornado Gloves - work gloves, safety gloves, safety sleeves

EyeTicket paperless ordering solution for prescription safety glasses

Whenever you see the charity contribution symbol, we will contribution part of the sale to one of our supported charities.

Supporting Charity.

Our Philosophy

As a business we believe in supporting charitable causes thus helping to improve the environment in which we operate. It forms part of our philosophy to share our success and help others.

At a corporate level, we have made a decision to support a single charity. By focusing all our energy in just one place, we are able to make the most worthwhile contribution.

Acorns Children’s Hospice

Our chosen charity is Acorns Children’s Hospice. Their specialist team provide palliative care for babies, children and young people aged from 0 to 18 years, diagnosed with life limiting or threatening conditions. They also support the families, helping them cope at every stage of their child’s life and beyond.

Acorns has been an invaluable resource for families in need since 1988 with hospices in Worcester, Birmingham and Walsall. MCR Safety pledged to support them in 2020 and has since developed a strong relationship which we continue to nurture.

Charitable Fund

We’ve devised a sustainable way of fundraising by taking a proportion of revenue from designated products in our range. On our website, you will see the red heart symbol for all products that are included. As our range grows, the number of products contributing to the fund will also increase.

As the money in the fund increases, we are able to work with Acorns Children’s Hospice to support their projects and use the money where it is most needed.

Which of our products carry the charity contribution?

Product TypeProduct Code 
Eye ProtectionHydroblast / CEENHB1320PF View Product
Eye ProtectionIceBreaker / 66100/20 View Product
Eye ProtectionKarn-OTG / SP5002GDC1CA View Product
Eye ProtectionKarn-OTG / SP5002GDC2CA View Product
Eye ProtectionKarn-OTG / SP5002GDM3BA View Product
Eye ProtectionMarazion / SP5001AEC1CA View Product
Eye ProtectionMarazion / SP5001AEC2CA View Product
Eye ProtectionMarazion / SP5001AEM3BA View Product
Eye ProtectionSennen / SP5000AFC1CA View Product
Eye ProtectionSennen / SP5000AFC2CA View Product
Eye ProtectionSennen / SP5000AFM3BA View Product
Eye ProtectionSphere / 94004a View Product
Eye ProtectionXO Skeleton / CEEN104PF View Product
Eye ProtectionZelah-7 / SP5003GBC1CA View Product
Eye ProtectionZelah-7 / SP5003GBC2CA View Product
Eye ProtectionZelah-7 / SP5003GDM3BA View Product
Gloves61C110 View Product
Gloves61C160 View Product
GlovesCT1062NA View Product
GlovesCT1062ND View Product
GlovesCT1062PU View Product
GlovesCT1063NA View Product
GlovesCT1063PU View Product
GlovesCT1064NA View Product
GlovesCT1064ND View Product
GlovesCT1064PU View Product
GlovesCT1065ST View Product
GlovesCT1068PU View Product
GlovesCT1071NM View Product
GlovesCT1071PU View Product
GlovesCT1073NS View Product
GlovesCT1073PU View Product
GlovesCT1073SL View Product
GlovesGP1005LD View Product
GlovesGP1006LF View Product
GlovesGP1006NA View Product
GlovesGP1006PU View Product
GlovesGP1076LD View Product
GlovesIP1052NF View Product
GlovesIP1052NS View Product
GlovesSL1067NO View Product
GlovesWL1076LD View Product