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We Protect People.

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PPE Safety Standards.

Safety Standards

Safety is at heart of everything we do; our company motto is “We Protect People.”

Our safety glasses and work gloves are designed to protect wearers from the risks they face in their working environment. We are obliged by law to have every single product in our range officially tested and certified to ensure that it provides protection in line with Government legislation.

There are a number of different standards that must be adhered to; some international and recognised globally, some apply in only the UK. They are all vitally important and products cannot be placed on the market without full compliance.

CE Standards

When the CE Mark is present on any product it means that it complies to a set of European standards for health, safety and environmental protection. It is a globally recognised declaration that the product meets the required standards set by the European Union.

The CE Mark is familiar through the European Economic Area and beyond. C.E. stands of “Conformité Européenne” and by using the mark, the manufacturer or importer is affirming compliance with the standard.

UKCA Standards

Now The UK is no longer part of the European Union, goods placed on the market in England, Scotland and Wales must be assessed to a new set of UK standards. This is known as UKCA and it stands for “UK Conformity Assessed”.

The new UKCA mark will appear on any items that beared the ‘CE’ mark. The CE mark will still be present on goods placed on the market in the European Union so it will be common to see both marks sitting alongside each other.

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