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Nitrile is resistant to oil and its derivatives which are typically used as fuel. It’s also resistant to acid and other chemicals so it’s perfect for forming a barrier to protect the skin. Its chemical structure gives it great strength and resistance to puncture and it’s unlikely to cause allergic reaction when in direct contact with the skin.

All of these properties make Nitrile a great coating for work gloves especially in industries where fuel and chemicals are present.
  • Nitrile Foam
    When applied in the form of a foam, Nitrile acts like a sponge.  It soaks up oils and liquids hence displacing them and allowing greater gripping ability.  The sponge texture is also comfortable and will absorb some minor degree of shock.

  • Nitrile Dual
    A double layer of coating which typically entails a smooth layer which forms the barrier against oil and liquid penetration and a second, outer layer which is textured to enhance grip.

  • Nitrile Air
    This is our premium Nitrile coating, designed to enable extreme durability, flexibility and breathability.  All of these attributes work together to provide superior comfort for the wearer.

  • Nitrile Dotted  
    Use of Nitrile to form a dotted effect over the palm and fingers is a great way of enabling strong grip, flexibility and 360° breathability for the skin.

  • Nitrile Sandy  
    As the name suggests, there is a sandy texture to the surface of the coating. This creates a subtle texture and is designed to improve grip.

  • Nitrile Textured
    This is a finish applied to 100% Nitrile disposable gloves, designed to increase their gripping ability.

  • Micro NBR
    Nitrile Butadiene Rubber is a synthetic polymer that’s resistant to oils, acids and high temperatures. It’s stronger and more flexible than natural rubber. It also has greater resistance to puncture and is less likely to cause skin irritation.

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Nitrile Textured
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Nitrile Foam
13G Cut Fibre
Nitrile Foam
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