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British Kitemark Symbol
BS EN166:2002
KM 03574

BSI Kitemark For Prescription Safety Glasses.

About BSI Kitemark™ certification

For more than 120 years, the BSI Kitemark™ has been recognized as a symbol of outstanding quality, safety and trust across a wide range of products and services. Kitemark certification confirms that a product or service’s claim has been independently and repeatedly tested by experts , meaning that you can have trust and confidence in products and services that are BSI Kitemark certified.

Other safety eyewear products have CE marking- why should we buy MCR Safety products over those?

Prescription safety glasses fall under Cat II PPE according to the PPE Regulation. What this means is that these products, unless marked with electrical claims, fall into a medium risk (cat II - intermediate) category PPE, and once type approved under the CE marking rules (same with UKCA), they don’t ever get checked (tested) again. Simply under the current EU or UK law, the surveillance for these types of products is not required in any form.

MCR products go beyond CE marking requirements and are regularly assessed as part of the Kitemark certification program, meaning that the safety of the products is continually assessed by BSI experts who are independent of the MCR team.

Why should PPE distributors, Opticians, HSE managers and end-users choose a Kitemark certified eyewear product?

To achieve Kitemark certification for safety eyewear, both the regular audit testing and ongoing QMS factory surveillance activities are mandatory. The Kitemark shown on MCR Safety's safety eyewear products demonstrate that MCR safety eyewear consistently meets the EN 166 standard. This gets independently checked on regular basis, unlike products that only hold the CE mark, when a product sample is only ever tested once. With the ongoing QMS surveillance, BSI ensures the consistency of MCR’s product manufacturing and confirms that any changes made to any of the fabrication processes, suppliers, or product itself do not impact the integrity of safety of the product.

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