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Our Sustainability Journey.

Working towards complete sustainability

What are we working towards?
  1. ‘Think Sustainability’ – Educate our team to be aware of our environmental impact.
  2. Uphold our Environmental Responsibility - Eco-friendly purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and recycling.
  3. Pledge to work towards becoming a Carbon Neutral business.
As a responsible business, we believe in environmental sustainability to help preserve the natural resources of our planet. We are committed to becoming Carbon Neutral and our journey has already begun.

We have pledged to work towards complete sustainability by implementing new measures throughout our business. We educate our team to ‘Think Sustainability’ in all aspects of their work. Throughout new product development, purchasing, marketing, selling and transportation, we will strive to choose the most sustainable and eco-friendly option.

We have reviewed our packaging to eliminate plastics, replacing them with paper-based alternatives where possible.

We are actively encouraging our partners to use electronic ordering and management solutions rather than traditional paper-based systems. Reducing paper usage further by promoting digital media and communication.

Carbon Off-Setting

We are proud to announce that we have embarked on a Carbon Offsetting program. Our carbon usage is being mapped and will be off-set each year using a regulated recognised project.

A benchmark will be put in place to enable us to set reduction targets and develop methods of improvement. We are highly committed to this program and will be publishing our progress online for all to see.

We believe that this isn’t just a box ticking exercise to be seen as doing the right thing. We are doing this for the good of our planet and future generations.

Our sustainability pledge at MCR Safety Europe

We welcome everyone to follow our journey…