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EyeTicket | Prescription Safety Glasses Online Ordering

Prescription Safety Glasses Online | Corporate Eyecare

Corporate Eyecare Simplified | Prescription Glasses and DSE

Managing a corporate eyecare program for prescription safety glasses and DSE has often been seen as complicated and time-consuming. Lots of paperwork, no traceability or control and plenty of margin for error.

If you’ve had any or all of these problems, MCR Safety has one simple solution!

EyeTicket online ordering service

EyeTicket, the market ‘Game-Changer’

In 2013 MCR Safety addressed all these common problems faced throughout industry with one simple ‘game-changer’.

We developed ‘EyeTicket’, online, completely paperless and an industry first for ordering your prescription safety glasses online.

Just 3 easy steps to raise a prescription eyewear order. Your employee doesn’t need to be present, in fact you can even manage multiple teams across different sites from one single location. In these times of remote working, it could even be from your own home.

The platform will guide you to select Safety or DSE glasses, just enter your employee’s details and finally, choose an Optician for them to visit. What could be easier?

This online process completely replaces the traditional paper order form. Your employee will receive all notifications via SMS or email. All they need to do is book their appointment with their chosen optician, present the SMS or email confirmation when they make their visit and leave the rest to the Optician.

Because there’s no paper, it’s environmentally friendly too – good news for your green credentials.

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