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Sustainable Products and Packaging.

Sustainable Products and Packaging

Over the last six months we have fully audited our packaging to remove plastic wherever possible, replacing it with paper-based alternatives. We’ve considered every aspect of product storage, transport, and retail; it’s been challenging, yet rewarding and we continue to strive for “Zero Plastic” across our entire range.

If, for valid reason, plastic cannot be removed, it must be made from recycled material and/or be recyclable when disposed. We will ensure that any plastic material carries the correct recycle symbol and all the information will be made easily available online. By scanning the QR code on each product (where possible) you will be able to learn more about the packaging material, whether it can be recycled and how to dispose of correctly.

The biggest challenge with any recyclable material is ensuring that it is disposed of correctly and not allowing it to go directly into landfill. Outlining the correct disposal methods for our products and packaging is a project we will be working on in 2022. We aim to help our customers by guiding them on correct procedure, hence aiding them to improve their own carbon footprint.

Glove Packaging

Historically, our glove offering was heavily packaged with plastic. Even though it is made of materials which can be recycled we have opted to remove as much as possible.

Our primary action has been to switch bulk wrapped gloves to our eco-friendly branded paper wrap which is durable and 100% recyclable. By switching to the paper band packaging, we will prevent on average 250g of single use plastic per case entering the market.

None of our gloves reordered in 2022 will be packaged in retail ready individual poly bags.

Our current vend packed gloves are under review as robust packaging is required for this method of delivery. Our aim is to switch to biodegradable plastic or paper wrapped solutions in the near future.

Trials are already underway to establish the best and most efficient method for use within a vending machine.

Eco wrap MCR Safety
Eco wrap Tornado Gloves
Sustainable Future

Sustainable Gloves

We are working with premium fibre developer DSM to introduce new lines of cut resistant gloves which use their Bio-Based Dyneema Diamond fibre. This fibre significantly reduces the amount of CO2 produced during manufacturer.

For example using 1 tonne of biobased Dyneema reduces CO2 by 29 tonnes compared to generic 1 tonne of HMPE and 6 tonnes CO2 compared to 1 tonne of Nylon. As Dyneena needs less material to provide high cut protection this results in an even lower carbon footprint.

We are also exploring biodegradable glove options

Eye Protectors

All our eye protectors are individual packaged and will be in LDPE poly bags which contain 30% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

The difficulty we face with removing the poly bag is how the lens coating will be affected if we move to a paper-based bag. The poly bag ultimately protects the lens coating from breaking down due to changes in temperature and moisture levels when in transit. This is a big consideration for us when moving our eye protection across different continents and climates.

Our new eco-friendly Anti-Mist Coating

All our standard anti-mist coating is transitioning to our new UV cured anti-mist coating. This method change enhances our product with 3x greater performance in both anti-mist and durability and has less impact on the environment.

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Our anti-mist range was retested and certified for this exciting new coating in 2021 so we can begin to upgrade our lenses for 2022.
UV Cured Anti-Mist
Look for the anti-mist eco-friendly leaf symbol