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Think Sustainability.

Updated 17th May 2023

Think Sustainability as a team…

In 2022 we achieved Carbon Neutral status, and we continue to reduce our carbon footprint in every way we can.

We encourage our entire team to ‘Think Sustainability’ in everything they do. We urge them to review and question their activity, examining every aspect, asking themselves the following:
  • Does this document need printing?
  • Do I really need this item of stationery?
  • How sustainable is the supplier I’m buying from?
  • Am I buying from overseas when I could reduce transport by using a local supplier?
We address these questions and more at every level by conducting full departmental audits for each purchase, service and activity. We challenge everyone to follow the path of sustainability and always choose the eco-friendly option.

Our Marketing Team fully embrace the challenge and have implemented the following policy:
  • Literature will always be available in an electronic format
  • Printed literature will use sustainable materials e.g., FSC Accredited or equivalent
  • One single exhibition stand which is completely reusable
  • Business gifts and give-away items will be eco-friendly
  • Promotional items to be eco-based
  • Marketing campaigns to be digital with limited traditional methods e.g. Mailshots
  • Actively switching customers to electronic paperless services
    • EDI
    • Online ordering and management including our marketing leading EyeTicket solution
Throughout our business, our department heads look closely at their areas of responsibility to see where improvements can be made. We have switched all company vehicles to EV models, we continually review and challenge our utility suppliers, we check our buildings are suitably insulated to reduce power usage and ensure our waste is recycled or disposed of correctly.

All this and more is continually actioned and reviewed to ensure we can reduce our carbon footprint each year and maintain our Carbon Neutral status.
Thinking differently for a sustainable future
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