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New UVC Anti-Mist Coating

This advanced new UV-Curved (UVC) anti-mist coating is our latest coating innovation. It’s manufactured in a way that reduces impact on the environment and performs better when compared to traditional oven baked curing process. It’s another industry first for MCR Safety!
Environmental benefits for using our UVC anti-mist coating
The new coating process has both performance and environmental benefits:

Firstly, performance is enhanced by three times for anti-mist protection. Regular thermal curing anti-mist can endure 1~2 times 80º hot water steam test; whereas our UVC coating maintains non-misting for up to 5 times longer.

And secondly, the environmental benefits. Our monthly KW energy usage is reduced by around 54% and our CO2 emissions have decreased by around 10,824kg. Also, less chemicals are used in the anti-mist formula and we now have reduced packaging requirements.

We are switching all our anti-mist coatings to this new UVC anti-mist coating. Lookout for the leaf symbol on the eye protect lens and marketing literature to see where we use it.
Safety Glasses

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Safety Glasses

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Safety Glasses

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Safety Glasses

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