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What do we mean by glove gauge?

We refer to gauge throughout our website because it’s very relevant to the properties of the glove and the intended use. It’s a way of measuring the density of the construction and it indicates whether the glove is lightweight, heavyweight, fine or bulky.

The word “gauge” indicates the number of stitches per inch of the glove. As the number of stitches per inch increase, the glove’s gauge increases. Also, as the glove’s gauge increases, the amount of yarn used per square inch decreases.

This is because the thickness of the yarn decreases as we go down in gauge. So as the gauge increases the thickness of the glove decreases.

For example, 7-gauge gloves are generally thick and bulky compared to 18-gauge gloves which are really thin and light.

Typically, as you move up the gauges the density/tightness of the knit also increases. At MCR Safety we offer various gauge gloves such as 7, 10, 13, 15 and 18.

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Which Gauge Is The Best?

This all depends on your working environment and hazards you face. Certain gauge gloves performance better in certain environments. As fibre technology changes, this allows us to development superior gloves which are thinner and strong. Historically is would have been a thicker and bulker designer.

13G Cut Fibre
15G Nylon/Spandex
Nitrile Air
18G Cut Fibre
Nitrile Foam
18G COOLMAX® fibre

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