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About Our Cut Resistant Gloves

When your work involves the constant handing of sharp, abrasive materials or the operation of heavy machinery, it’s vital that you have the correct hand protection.

Advances in technology now make it possible to produce gloves which are resistant to cut risks yet still allow for dexterity and comfort.

We have developed a technical range of gloves and sleeves manufactured using yarns with different protective properties. We have provided the information below to guide you and help you identify the appropriate glove or sleeve for you and your working environment.


High-performance polyethylene is a thermoplastic polyethylene-based fibre utilized in our cut resistant gloves. HPPE is the term most recognized by industries; however, high-modulus fibres are also referred to by the names of high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) or extended chain polyethylene (ECPE). HPPE has stuck for most because it’s what goes into making high-performance cut-resistant gloves. With unmatched comfort, flexibility, and high strength properties, users have 100% adopted this material as their preference in cut-resistant gloves.

HPPE fibres are strong and offer extremely high-tenacity. Pound-for-pound, they are up to 15X stronger than steel, providing excellent protection from abrasion injuries and cut injuries. You can find HPPE used in many products like fishing line and netting, marine cables, concrete reinforcement, sail cloth, and medical implants


Also known as HPPE, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a subset of thermoplastic polyethylene and is used for high-performance applications like medical devices, bullet proof vests, and some of MCR Safety’s highest-rated cut-resistant work gloves. It’s extremely long chains, with a molecular weight numbering between 2 and 6 million, strengthen the intermolecular interactions, resulting in an extremely tough material. UHMWPE is tougher than standard HPPE, which is why higher cut-resistant levels are achieved.


Dyneema® Diamond Technology fibre makes possible higher levels of cut protection with enhanced dexterity. The technology from DSM Dyneema, maker of the World’s Strongest fibre, is capable of delivering twice the cut resistance in gloves the same thickness as previous generation fibres. This unique fibre enables gloves and sleeves to be ultrathin and inherently cool to the touch. Look for the Dyneema® Diamond Technology tag to ensure the most innovative fibres.

Gloves made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology achieve the same cut performance as comparable conventional products – but with much thinner fibres. Dyneema® Diamond Technology fibre is 40% lighter than aramid fibre and offers a 200% improvement in cut resistance over standard Dyneema® fibre. The result is similar performance to gloves reinforced with fibreglass or steel. There is even more to it, as Dyneema® fibre adapts to skin temperature, while transporting moisture to the outside of the glove. This makes gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology lighter, cooler, more flexible, and longer lasting.


DuPont™ Kevlar® is the ideal choice for applications requiring cut and heat, due to its ability to withstand temperatures up to 480° C. Unlike nylon, leather and high-performance polyethylene, Kevlar® fibre is inherently flame-resistant. It will not burn, support combustion, or melt; making it a smart choice for those who encounter both cut and heat on the job.

MCR Safety proudly manufacturers DuPont Kevlar® brand fibre in our directly owned manufacturing facilities. We are the only licensed manufacturer which spins our own Kevlar® yarn. We not only manufacture gloves but a variety of different options; ranging from sleeves, heavyweight terrycloth gloves, all the way to High Performance string knit gloves.

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