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Work Gloves | Keep Working Hands Warm in Winter.

Winter gloves for cold environments

If you’re working outside in winter, or in a refrigerated or unheated environment, it’s vital to keep your hands warm. A pair of ordinary gloves will not be sufficient - you need specialist winter hand protection.

MCR Safety has developed a range of technologically superior winter lined work gloves that keep hands warm, insulated and protected so you can work comfortably in cold conditions.
Cold hands work gloves

Things you should know...

Cold hands are uncomfortable, they slow you down and make you less efficient but there is a more serious side and it’s useful to know the facts.

Cold weather can affect hands in several different ways some of which are actually quite detrimental to your physical health and well-being. Here’s a little insight into what could happen if your hands get too cold.

Warm hands, healthy skin...

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s the first line of defence against winter weather. The skin on your hands is particularly delicate because it carries all the sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels that give you your dexterity and your amazing range of sensory skills.

If this delicate skin is exposed to the elements, its liable to become damaged. The body loses moisture through the skin all year round but in the winter when there is less humidity, we tend to lose even more. Our bodies are usually well wrapped, but our hands are often exposed, or the correct hand protection is not used. This results in extreme drying of the skin, especially if it’s windy as well as cold.
Dry skin can become chapped, a very uncomfortable and potentially serious problem. Chapped skin is at best sore but at worst, it can lead to deep cracks, bleeding and the risk of infection. At this stage it gets very painful and will slow you down or possibly even stop you working altogether!

A normal glove is not designed to prevent that drying air penetration. Wearing a specialist winter glove protects you by forming a thermal barrier to insulate your hands and prevent damage to your skin caused by dehydration.
Chapped hands

Warm hands, better circulation...

When it’s very cold, your body’s natural, sub-conscious response is to protect vital organs like your heart and lungs. It will ensure that warm, oxygenated blood is supplied to your core to keep them working properly.
Under your skin you have a system called ‘micro-circulation’, it’s a network of tiny vessels carrying blood to the ends of your fingers and toes. When the body redirects blood to your core, these vessels go into spasm. Blood flowing to your extremities is reduced and that’s why your hands get cold before any other part of your body.
warm body
Keeping your extremities warm helps maintain a healthy overall body temperature, hence aiding better circulation and an even blood-flow around the body.

A specialist winter glove will form a thermal barrier to insulate your hands and help them retain body heat right to the end of your fingertips. A standard glove will not provide that thermal barrier.

Get the right specialist hand protection for you...

At MCR Safety we like to bring you choice. We have three different specialist winter gloves each offering a slightly different range of protective properties. Consider the task you’re carrying out and your environment and decide which glove is best for you

WL1048HP (Palm or Fully Coated)

WL1048HP is available in palm coated or fully coated options so you can choose the best option for you depending on your working environment or the nature of the task. Both gloves will provide a thermal barrier against the cold.

It’s a nylon glove with HTP coating and a terry towelling lining for extra comfort. Its primary purpose is to protect you from cold while still allowing for great dexterity. The HTP coating is tough and flexible with a Sponge-Touch finish for outstanding grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

It uses Hydropellent Technology which is synonymous with dexterity and breathability. The seamless nylon shell also allows your skin to breathe, is sanitised to prevent unpleasant odours and produces minimal lint.

The nylon shell and HTP coating work together to form a powerful barrier against cold and also exhibit extreme cold flexibility so your movement is not restricted by the fabric of the glove. Both palm coated and fully coated gloves will protect you from contact cold up to level 2 on the EN511 scale.

Visit WL1048HP Product Profile Page
WL1048HP1 Palm Coated Winter Work Glove
WL1048HP1 fully Coated Winter Work Glove


New to our range, HydraTherem has been developed to deliver extreme cold protection teamed with powerful grip and dexterity. Thermally lined with a double dip latex coating, this glove is ideal for cold, harsh and extremely challenging environments both indoors and out.

There’s a full coating of smooth latex to form a water-repellent barrier that blocks moisture seeping through to your skin. Then an additional palm coating of sandy latex provides the immense gripping power. Together the two layers create a strong, flexible coating that enables you to move your fingers with ease and achieve good levels of dexterity.

The grip is reliable in both dry and wet conditions hence allowing you to work uninhibited outside in wet or icy weather or inside where it may be dry, yet intensely cold.

The glove is sanitised to protect against bacteria and reduce odour plus the soft interior is comfortable and cosy next to your skin.

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Hydratherm double dipped fully Coated Winter Work Glove


Zestos is by Tornado, a prestigious brand under the MCR Safety portfolio. It’s a thermally insulated work glove with a warm fleecy lining and a water-resistant outer. It’s also designed to offer high-level of cut protection.

The exterior of the glove has a bi-polymer coating that’s similar to Neoprene. Its finely textured surface repels water droplets and provides powerful wet and dry grip. Tough outside jobs in construction, agriculture or utilities become less arduous without moisture penetrating through to your skin.

The super-soft, micro-fleece lining feels incredible. When you put Zestos on for the first time, your instant reaction is to say ‘ahh...’ because it’s so comfortable!
Zestos winter work glove with cut protection
Warmth and comfort are expected from a specialist winter glove but Zestos gives you extra. It offers high cut resistance with an EN388 score of 2X42C. Level ‘C’ cut protection in the rigorous EN388:2016 test means this glove withstands a blade applied at up to 14.9 Newtons. This level of protection ensures confidence when working with sharp or jagged objects.

Zestos has also undergone the recognised testing for cold protection gloves and has been awarded a score of EN511: X1X which means it will keep your hands insulated when in contact with cold objects or surfaces up to level 1 on the scale.

When you know you’re protected and your hands are warm you use your full range of dexterity so you work quickly, efficiently and without that uncomfortable frozen feeling. Zestos really is the full package - warmth, cut resistance, grip and dexterity all in one specialist winter glove!

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13G Cut Fibre
Latex Foam
15G Nylon/Inner Acrylic
Water Repellent
15G Nylon/Inner Acrylic
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