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Work gloves for the Construction Industry

We’ve selected work gloves from our portfolio that are highly specific to the Construction Industry and collated the information on this page for easy reference. This is part of an ongoing strategy to provide the most helpful service to our clients, enabling them to make the best hand protection decisions for their workforce.

Construction workers face a wide range of hazards depending on the type of task they’re carrying out. Our hand protection mirrors this by providing different solutions based on levels of risk in each environment.
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General handling construction gloves

For the majority of work on construction sites, flexibility is key, the need to move from one handling task to another quickly and without any concern about the safety gloves being worn. That’s why General Handling gloves should be light-weight, versatile, dexterous and robust.

We have an extensive range of gloves that fit these criteria, plus have added attributes that favour different activities. Below we’ve highlighted just three that show the variety of protection available:

GP1005NA | Extremely abrasive, great dexterity and touchscreen fingertips

An ultra-lightweight nylon/spandex shell with an highly durable nitrile foam coating (25,000 abrasive cycles) and extremely dexterous. It’s tactile and flexible yet it’s also tough enough to cope with the demands of the construction site.

Touchscreen fingertips allow the wearer to use technical equipment and devices that are operated by human touch. That includes mobile phones, tablets and electronic machinery. No need to waste time removing the glove.

It can be worn for long periods of time as the shell is breathable, seamless and supple so the hand is cool and movement is not restricted.

GP1005NA construction work glove

Olba | Maximum abrasion resistance for manual handling

Olba has the highest level of protection against abrasion so it’s ideal when the environment is dominated by harsh abrasive surfaces and rough objects. It’s also flexible and dexterous so handling tasks are easy. Good grip is another asset with this great all-rounder; reliable hold for the grasping or lifting of all types of item.

Alongside these practical properties, there’s one more thing that’s essential and its comfort. This glove can be worn throughout the day without issue because it’s sanitised in the manufacturing process to avoid skin irritation. Also, the fine gauge and elasticity of the yarn and the seamless construction ensure ease of movement so hands can move freely without constraint.

Olba construction work glove

GP1006LF with COOLMAX® fibre | Fibres keep your hands naturally cool

This glove is manufactured using COOLMAX fibre which is specifically designed to prevent clammy hands and enhance dexterity. Revolutionary technology transports moisture away from the hand allowing it to evaporate into the air away from the surface of the skin. This means your hand is cool, dry and comfortable the whole time you’re wearing the glove.

Produced on an 18 gauge machine, the feather-weight construction feels like a second skin offering unrestricted freedom of movement for optimal performance regardless of the level of activity.

The latex foam palm delivers powerful grip in both wet and dry conditions and the sense of touch you experience is outstanding.

GP1006LF construction work glove

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