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Great emphasis is put on hand protection in industrial environments but arms and wrists may be at risk too. Sometimes they’re overlooked and this can lead to injury. With the use of correct PPE, many of these injuries can be avoided or at least, reduced in severity. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the full range of safety solutions that are available to extend protection beyond the hand.

Common risks to be aware of

Different industries experience different hazards and each will have their own clear codes of practice in order to manage them. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the risks in the moment and as tasks are actually being carried out. Hazards are many and various, these are a few common areas of concern.
  • Handling sharp, abrasive objects or materials
  • Reaching over or around machinery
  • Reaching into skips, bins or other receptacles containing sharp objects or debris
  • Sharp or jagged edges on shelves, work surfaces or storage areas
  • Accidental contact with hot objects or surfaces
  • Splash from hot or corrosive liquids
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Arm & Wrist Protection Options

The technicians at MCR Safety have developed a concise range of arm and wrist protection to cater for a variety of hazards throughout a wide industrial spectrum. This range has evolved over time as we have worked with different sectors to establish risk type and protective requirements.

SL1067NO High Visibility Sleeve

This high visibility orange sleeve feels soft against the skin. It’s made using our latest fibre technology designed for reliable protection teamed with comfort and flexibility. The lightweight knitted construction allows for great breathability and the adjustable fastening at the top of the arm ensures the optimum fit regardless of bicep dimensions.

An elasticated wrist and thumb slot provides added stability, holding the sleeve in position and also, so it cannot expose the wrist.

It has great protective credentials achieving cut level ‘D’ on the EN388 scale and EN407 level 1 contact heat resistance up to 100°C.

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SL1067NO protective work sleeve

SL1008NO Double Layer ARX® Sleeve

SL1008NO is manufactured using 100% ARX® Aramid fibre, a relatively new material designed for great ventilation and comfort. This sleeve uses a double layer of the knitted fabric for extra powerful protection.

It provides medium cut resistance at level ‘B’ in the EN388 scale and heat resistance up to 100°c.

Bar tacking between the fingers reliably holds the sleeve in place along with a comfortable thumb slot. Super-soft, lightweight and flexible, SL1008NO is ideal for all day wear.

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SL1008NO protective work sleeve

Intrepid Sleeve

Intrepid is a soft, comfortable knitted sleeve for full arm coverage. The Aramid yarn ensures strength and cut resistance at level ‘B’ in the EN388 scale.

Intentionally loose-fitting, this sleeve will easily accommodate other garments worn underneath, yet still allow great freedom of movement and flexibility. It will provide cut resistant protection from wrist to shoulder.

It’s an essential item of PPE for tasks where both arm and hand are used for carrying large, abrasive objects. A prime example would be sheet metal but other applications are numerous.

Sleeves are elasticated at the wrist and at the top of the arm to ensure a secure fit. They’re sold in pairs and one size fits all.

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Interpid protective work sleeve

Intrepid Elite Sleeve

This popular sleeve is available in one flexible size that fits all. The elasticity keeps it firmly in place during use, further aided by Velcro or buckle fastenings at the top. There’s also a secure thumb-slot to anchor the sleeve in place and ensure that the wrist is fully protected at all times.

The Intrepid Elite Sleeve is typically used in automotive manufacturing, metal press-work, component handling and the glass industry. However, it’s superior protective qualities make it beneficial to a far wider variety of end-users.

With a score of ‘F’, the highest level on the EN388 cut resistant scale, this sleeve provides superior arm and wrist protection whilst still offering comfort and flexibility to the wearer.

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Interpid Elite protective work sleeve

Wristex Cuff

Wristex protects the wrist and forearm up to the elbow. It’s highly sought after because it’s manufactured to maximum level ‘F’ cut resistance and is specifically designed for both cut and puncture protection.

It’s a glass industry approved product as it’s perfect for handling sheet glass. It’s protective properties also make it suitable for engineering, agriculture, aerospace, automotive, recycling and all types of metal-working industries.

Choose from two different Velcro fastenings. One is quick and easy to secure around the wrist and when it’s in place is a good, sung fit. The other option uses Velcro straps secured with a buckle device offering additional security and the fit can be adjusted as required. A convenient one size fits all product supplied in pairs.

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Wristex protective wrist sleeve

All our arm and wrist production is sold in pairs. If you would like more information about any of these products, you can view our full range here:

Full Range of Protective Sleeves & Cuffs

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