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Prevent sweaty hands and enhanced dexterity, with safety gloves made from COOLMAX® fibre!

Do you or your workforce suffer from sweaty hands in your safety gloves? Are your work gloves to thick you can’t perform precision handling tasks?

Sadly, this is all too common, particularly when gloves have been issued for the wrong applications and this can often be dismissed as being part of the working environment and just accepted. As a result, it’s likely that the protective glove will be removed to perform their tasks, which may significantly increase the risk of a hand injury. As technology advances, so does the manufacture of specific yarns, which help wearers to overcome workplace obstacles such as sweaty hands.

By listening to our customers feedback, we have developed a protective glove which significantly helps to improve the comfort, longevity and sense of touch compared to many traditional safety gloves on the market. Offering a second-skin type fit which allows the wearer to maintain a high level of dexterity to perform precision tasks efficiently. Through research and development, we were able to include a fibre called COOLMAX® which helped us to achieve a superior safety glove with naturally cooling benefits.

The Benefits of COOLMAX® Fibre

Coolmax ® fibre technology offers fantastic moisture management and wicking performance. With air being able to pass through the specially designed fibres, moisture is drawn away from the skin where it evaporates, helping to keep your hands cool, dry and comfortable.

COOLMAX fibres transports moisture away from the skin keeping your hand cool and dry
COOLMAX® is a trademark of Lycra
COOLMAX fibres transports moisture away from the skin keeping your hand cool and dry
Our GP1006 glove family has been verified by Lycra to ensure the correct levels of COOLMAX® fibre have been applied allowing the safety glove fibres to achieve the expected moisture management and wicking performance levels.

Did you know that COOLMAX® fibre can be found in all kinds of apparel such as sportswear, denim jeans and even socks! In garments you purchase online or on the high-street, lookout of the COOLMAX® tag which indicates this fibre is present. You can find this on every pair of our GP1006 family of gloves.

Our COOLMAX® Safety Glove

The brief was simple, to develop a safety glove the wearer wants to wear rather than must wear.

The makeup of our GP1006 family is an 18-Gauge featherweight naturally cooling shell which fits like a second skin. It offers superior dexterity allowing the wearer to perform effortless precision handling tasks distraction free. Another fantastic benefit is they are less likely to remove the glove, reducing the risk of hand injuries.

The Coating/Polymer

Equally as important as the shell of the glove is the coating as this can also be a contributing factor in causing the hand to overheat.

So, we opted for three premium thin coatings PU, Nitrile Air and Latex foam coatings, two of these coatings are breathable. Apart from latex foam, we felt it is important that the coating has a good level of breathability or else it defeats the object of your hand overheating. We made the exception for the latex as felt this coating has its benefits in this glove family.

The nitrile and PU coatings offers high breath-ability, flexibility and durability, whilst the latex provides flexibility, durability and is water repellent. All offer good all-round grip whilst the nitrile glove excels in light oily conditions. Each coating complimenting each other for different working environments.

GP1006PU, GP1006NA and GP1006LF are only available with palm coating to maximum the cooling proprieties of the Coolmax® fibre. Offering fully coated options would prevent the COOLMAX® fibres from transporting the moisture away from the skin.

It is important to select the correct coating for your working environment. This will allow the work gloves and wearer to performance at their optimum levels. As part of our service we offer onsite-assessments and limited free product trials. We believe it’s important we identify the right safety glove which works for you

When to use these safety gloves

They are ideal for any mechanical handling or general-handling task which requires high levels of touch and feel. The perfect all-round premium glove.

Who is using these gloves?

These protective gloves can be used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, engineering, manufacturing, warehouse and logics and many more where precision handling is paramount.

18G COOLMAX® fibre
Nitrile Air
18G COOLMAX® fibre
Latex Foam
18G COOLMAX® fibre
COOLMAX® is a trademark of Lycra

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