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EyeTicket paperless ordering solution for prescription safety glasses

EyeTicket | Prescription Safety Glasses Online Ordering

Prescription Safety Glasses Online | Corporate Eyecare

Raise An EyeTicket | Prescription Safety Glasses

Raising a prescription safety glasses order online for your employees couldn't be easier using EyeTicket. In 3 simple steps your employee is ready to contact and visit their chosen optician.

Visibility and communication

As the order is progressed, everyone involved will be updated by SMS or email. That communication will go to the employee, the optician and to you so you always have clear visibility.

You will be notified as follows :
  1. When an EyeTicket is raised
  2. Once the optician completes the EyeTicket (this includes tracking information)
  3. Finally, when the order is despatched from the MCR Safety Optical Lab
An EyeTicket only becomes an official order at the point when the optician completes it. Any point before that, it can be cancelled without incurring any cost to your business.

Benefits of notifications:
  1. You know your employees has visited the optician
  2. You see which safety glasses your employee has ordered
  3. You know when the safety glasses have been dispatched from our Optical Lab
  4. Anyone can track the order
Traditionally with a paper-based service, you wouldn’t know if your employee had received their prescription safety glasses until you received the invoice.

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