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EyeTicket paperless ordering solution for prescription safety glasses

EyeTicket | Prescription Safety Glasses Online Ordering

Prescription Safety Glasses Online | Corporate Eyecare

Full Visibility | Prescription Safety Glasses

Complete order history for your corporate eyewear plan is kept securely in one place and is accessible at the click of a button. You can view it at any time and there’s no need to print and file paper spectacle order forms. There’s even an advanced search options to find historic orders.

Every EyeTicket raised is traceable from start to finish. You can track your order all the way around our Optical Lab and back to the optician. Employees are provided with an ID to track their own order without the need to contact you or the optician. One more way of reducing time, administration and distraction.


The updated PPE Regulation 2016/425 places traceability as paramount so full visibility of every EyeTicket prescription spectacle order is both useful and necessary for compliance.

Should an employee leave the business, you can react quickly to access their open EyeTicket order and cancel it. This will prevent them from collecting their prescription safety glasses at the company’s expense. It gives you a bit of extra security and would be completely impossible with a paper order form.

It’s like having your own Optical Lab

Orders are transparent with EyeTicket. The platform seamlessly integrates you, the PPE distributor, the optician and MCR Safety. Everyone can see the same orders in real-time. It’s like having your own Optical Lab at the click of a button.

This is only made possible because we have our own Optical Lab and we openly invite you to come and see it for yourself.

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