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EyeTicket paperless ordering solution for prescription safety glasses

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EyeTicket | Prescription Safety Glasses Online Ordering

Prescription Safety Glasses Online | Complete Control

Tailor your requirements to suit your business with Eyewear Profiles

The EyeTicket platform gives you control over product selection and cost using “Eyewear Profiles”. You can define which eyewear frames, lenses and coatings your organisation will pay for, effectively controlling what can be spent.

If an item is not permitted (anti-reflective coating for example), the optician will use the platform to request authorisation which places the order on hold until you approve it.

You now have the flexibility to manage exceptional cases yet still prevent toing and froing between the optician, MCR and the employee. This is where a paper-based service would slow things down and increase administration for everyone.

Prescription safety glasses without non-permitted items will continue directly onto our Optical Lab for manufacture, hence far faster deliveries. .

Eyewear profiles controls what the optician can and can't order for your employees

Made and despatched within 1 to 3 working days

All protective eyewear orders placed via EyeTicket are made and dispatched within 3 working days. Less complex orders like single vision lenses can be made and despatched within the same day.

We aim to process orders in the shortest possible time because we understand that working environments cannot allow anyone to be without up-to-date safety glasses.

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