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We Protect People.

Our Brands Include

Tornado Gloves - work gloves, safety gloves, safety sleeves

EyeTicket paperless ordering solution for prescription safety glasses

MCR Safety work gloves Tornado Gloves

Safety Glasses, Goggles and Visors.

Innovators and Manufacturer Of Safety Glasses and Visors

We have our own inhouse design teams to deliver innovative new styles to support our markets globally. If you’re looking for the latest innovations or simply functional eye protection, we can deliver what you need. Our range combines style, functionality and quality to appeal to all tastes and working environments.

Developing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

All our standard anti-mist coating is transitioning to our new UV cured anti-mist coating with an investment of over $500,000 of new equipment.

This method and coating formula change enhances our product with 3x greater performance in both anti-mist and durability.

Compared to standard anti-mist and anti-fog (N coating) coatings, this coating is more environmentally friendly compared to the oven baked curing process. This process uses 87% less energy, uses fewer chemicals and saves roughly 13,000kg of CO2 per month. Ultimately a more environmentally friendly anti-mist coating for the same cost.

Our anti-mist range was retested and certified for this exciting new coating in 2021 so we can begin to upgrade our lenses for 2022.

Our aim is to exceed the expectations our wearers and to ensure quality is achieved, all our models are CE/UKCA certified to EN166:2001 and designed for all day use.
UV Cured Anti-Mist Look for the anti-mist eco-friendly leaf symbol

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