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Work Gloves and Safety Glasses | Quest On Site Evaluation.

On-site Safety Evaluation

We offer an innovative Hand and Eye Safety Evaluation Service to help you identify the correct protection for your workforce. The service is called Quest and it’s completely free of charge!

Quest is perfect for all types of industry regardless of organisation size or the type of hazards they face. It’s focused on end-user safety and will specify the correct hand protection within a pre-agreed budget.

Quest Technicians Come to You

We’ll visit your site in our Mobile Protection Lab, meet your safety and procurement teams and discuss your objectives. During the visit, we’ll conduct a full study of your current protection and your manufacturing environment to produce a detailed report proposing a Quest Protection Plan within an agreed budget.

Try it for Free

The Quest Protection Plan is installed for a trial period at the expense of MCR Safety and systematically monitored with end-user feedback being key. The Quest Team will calculate the ‘cost in use’ equation as a measurement against your budget.

You’re good to go

Once you’re satisfied that your team are happy and budgetary objectives have been met, the hand protection product/s are rolled out to your workforce and an easy re-order system is put in place.

Fast, Easy, Trustworthy & Cost Effective

Quest happens quickly, we take care of everything; you can trust our market-leading product and your budgetary objectives well be met.

Continued Support

As Quest is a continuous process, we’ll support you with training where necessary and keep you fully informed of product developments and legislative changes as they occur. This ensures that you are always fully compliant with Government Health & Safety legislation.

Quest on-site work gloves and safety glasses evaluation

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