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Why wear work gloves?

Working environments are extremely diverse and many of them pose potential risks ranging from minor hazards to life-threatening danger. A huge percentage of these risks relate directly to manual handling.

Physical work is not possible without direct hand contact with objects and materials; many of which are sharp, gagged, abrasive, slippery, heavy, or contaminated in some way.

Potential hazards to hands, wrists and arms include cuts, abrasions, bruises, burns of either a heat, chemical or electrical nature. In high-risk environments they may extend to skin puncture or absorption of harmful substances, bone fractures and even amputation.

Today’s stringent Health and Safety Regulations ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to minimise risk, with hand guards on machines, automatic cut-off sensors and the legal requirement for staff training. Employers have never been held so responsible for the safety of their workforce. Providing the correct PPE is not only vital it’s the law and that includes hand and arm protection.

However, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Protective gloves must be specific for each task or operation and that’s where expert advice and guidance is really helpful.

CT1063NA Cut Resistant Work Glove

Identifying the correct work glove

We are a safety supply company with over 60 years of experience in developing safety gloves for different industry sectors. Below we have categorised our range in several different ways to help you drill down to the very specific protection you need.

However, before you consider the glove, it’s important to consider your environment and the activity that takes place over the course of a typical day. The following are the pertinent questions to ask yourself:
  • Does every team member need protective gloves and do they all need the same kind of protection?
  • Are the gloves worn continiously?
  • Are the same gloves needed throughout the day or do your team switch from one type of task to another?
  • How much protection, grip, dexterity or longevity / durability is required?
Once you’ve assessed your needs you can start to look at all the different protective gloves available. Below you can view by type, so for example, leather gloves, Kevlar gloves, nitrile gloves etc. Or you can view by industry sector like mechanics gloves, rigger gloves or welding gloves. You can also view by the glove’s properties such as cut-resistance, dexterity or thermal insulation.

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