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Ever tried getting through a heavy day’s work with a hand injury? Even something fairly minor is at best uncomfortable, sometimes quite painful and it will always slow you down. It’s also a hazard because pain or the inability to move freely will reduce strength and grip which could lead to accidents.

The need for hand protection is pretty obvious when working with heavy machinery, cutting equipment or handling sharp abrasive objects but what about everyday tasks? They can lead to injury too, usually just bumps and scrapes but if you’re wearing the correct work gloves, you’ll be protected.
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Everyday work gloves for construction workers

For the majority of work on construction sites, flexibility is key, the need to move from one handling task to another quickly and without any concern about the safety gloves being worn. That’s why General Handling gloves should be light-weight, versatile, dexterous and robust.

We have an extensive range of gloves that fit these criteria, plus have added attributes that favour different activities. Below we’ve highlighted just three that show the variety of protection available:

This glove has a striking appearance with black Nitrile Air Coating on a bright red, ultra-lightweight nylon/spandex shell. Nitrile Air is designed for flexibility, durability and above all, comfort. It’s known for breathability, keeping your hands cool and therefore enabling you to wear the glove for long periods of time.

The glove can withstand over 25,000 abrasive cycles in testing which means it’s ideal for keeping you safe from scratches and scrapes on a construction site.

It also has touch-screen fingertips so no need to remove it to use your phone, tablet or operate digital equipment.

GP1005NA construction work glove
Wear this glove like a second-skin; work fast and efficiently, maybe even forget it’s on your hand. Enjoy the freedom of movement and amazing dexterity yet know you’re protected from the nasty knocks and scrapes that come with the territory.

The soft NBR coating acts in a similar way to your skin, its supple nature helps you grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. You may be switching tasks from lifting and shifting to handling small or delicate objects; this is where Contour Avenger is your best friend. It allows you to make that transition without a second thought, hence saving time and leaving you free to just get on with the job.

Contour Avenger construction work glove

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