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CT1071 - Next Generation Cut Resistance Fibre!

This is a Graphene Fibre glove, 25% lighter by design, a trailblazer for next generation cut resistant fibre technology.

Graphene is a new carbonaceous fibre which demonstrates extreme strength yet is lightweight and versatile enough to be used for specialist hand protection.

Graphene fibre work gloves, cut level E

Cut Level ‘E’ Ultra-lightweight Glove

The 15-gauge shell is specifically designed to take advantage of the ultra-lightweight nature of this new fibre. This is a Cut Level ‘E’ glove yet you’ll find it’s 25% lighter than similar gloves offering this level of extreme protection. The fine construction means it’s supremely comfortable and easy to wear.

As this fibre isn’t blended with any glass or steel fibre, the high level cut protection is maintained throughout the life of the glove. No fibre break means total durability, comfort and no irritation.

This second skin silky filament fibre glove follows the contours of your hand. Moisture is draw away from the hand keeping your hand cool for all day wear.

Prevent Cuts with the correct glove coating

Selecting the correct coating is the first line of defence against a cut in the workplace. Cut and accidents are generally caused by handing slips. Stop the handling slips and this will reduce the risk of cut. Then our fibre technology acts as our insurance policy a handling slip occurs. This is an important factory when selecting a glove for any working environment.

Nitrile Micro-Foam for Enhanced Grip

With a diaphanous Nitrile Micro-Foam coating you’ll enjoy enhanced grip, even in oily conditions. It’s robust with an extremely high level of durability yet it’s extremely fine so it won’t impair the lightweight nature of the shell. This coating is designed to enhance durability, improve grip and dexterity so intricate tasks can be performed accurately without removing the glove.

PU for precision handling

It provides a ‘second skin’ effect which enables dexterity, flexibility and great hand agility. It’s also has a degree of resistant to oils and solvents and will protect against abrasive activities.
15G Graphene
15G Graphene
Nitrile Micro Foam

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