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Touchscreen for electronic devices Sanitised to prevent hand odour and promote hand hygiene
CT1071ND is a cut level F glove providing extreme cut level protection
Key Features.

Gauge 15
Material Graphene
Colour Dark Blue
Coating Type  Double Dip Nitrile
Coverage  Fully Coated
Colour  Black
Finish  Textured
Weight  Medium
Allergy Risk  No
Key Features

-25% Lighter than a standard fibre cut E glove
-No blended fibre glass therefore no fibre breakdown which reduces protection and causes irritation
-Pinky drop technology ensures that the glove follows the contours of the hand including the little finger, this improves dexterity and comfort.
-9.16x stronger than HPPE on an equal weight glove
-Anti-bacterial treated to prevent odour

-Advanced double dip nitrile which provides a barrier against oily fluids
-Powerful grip across wide range of applications
-High flexibility and comfort
Environments  Dry Working Environment Oil Working Environment Wet Working Environment

EN Standards.
EN388 Mechnical Risks
EN407 Protection against Thermal Risk

UKCA Certified  CE Certified

Sizes and Order Codes.

 Order CodeSizePackaging
-CT1071ND3ADB077Standard Bulk Wrapped
-CT1071ND3ADB088Standard Bulk Wrapped
-CT1071ND3ADB099Standard Bulk Wrapped
-CT1071ND3ADB1010Standard Bulk Wrapped
-CT1071ND3ADB1111Standard Bulk Wrapped
-CT1071ND3ADB1212Standard Bulk Wrapped

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