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The Glass Industry

Work gloves for the glass industry

Industry Research

MCR Safety is a brand synonymous with quality. Our expertise in glove manufacturing has enabled us to produce an innovative range of products ideal for handling glass throughout production, right through to assembly and installation.

We have spent time researching the Glass Industry, observing each process and experiencing the different challenges and hazards. We’ve spoken with the people who face these challenges on a daily basis and gained an understanding of their needs. With this level of insight, we were able to apply technologies to our gloves that offer genuine benefits to these end users.

We analysed our manufacturing process, looking at the fibre in our yarns, the chemical components of our coatings, knitting and construction methods and the materials we use for reinforcement. We identified areas with specific needs such as grip, dexterity and protection level. We also looked at ways we could reduce the risk of contamination and in some cases, we were able to eliminate handling residue on smooth surfaces.

This web page introduces products from our range which we recommend for use in the Glass Industry. Our aim is to help Safety and Procurement professionals to make an informed decision about end-user hand protection.

Technology & Material Science

The use of advanced technologies differentiates our gloves from others and elevates them above their rivals. We use different technologies, materials and techniques to manufacture and create a range of different protective properties.

Advanced Nitrile Micro-Foam - New to MCR Safety, this is a new technologically advanced Nitrile coating that leaves no residue on smooth surfaces. It’s a breakthrough in the development of safety gloves with numerous benefits for industry, especially where contamination avoidance is critical.

Premium Grade Leather - Our leather is extremely tough, super-resistant to cut and abrasion and also offers excellent flexibility, grip and dexterity when performing precision tasks. We always select Premium Grade Leather from the top section of the hide. It then undergoes several specialist treatments to enhance its natural strength and grip. The end result is a material that provides both wet and dry grip of a hugely superior standard even in wet or oily conditions.

Thumb-Forefinger Reinforcement - Many of our gloves benefit from an extremely strong reinforcement system positioned in the critical wear area between thumb and forefinger. It improves safety and increases the life of the glove significantly hence resulting in major PPE cost savings. The reinforcement is an integral part of glove’s construction so it cannot become detached.

CT1077NM | High Cut Protection | Cut Level D | Coating leaves no residue on glass surface.

This is a level ‘D’ cut-resistant work glove with high-tensile filament fibre and our new, technologically advanced, Nitrile micro-foam coating. The coating has been specifically designed with encapsulated nitrile to prevent residue leakage on smooth surfaces. This revolutionary coating is a breakthrough in the development of safety gloves with numerous applications throughout industry.

There are obvious benefits for the glass industry, particularly in the handling process of sheet glass. Mantis-D is also breathable for comfort and has great grip and dexterity.


  • Encapsulated Nitrile micro-foam coating prevents residue leakage
  • No residue marks on clean surfaces
  • High tensile filament fibre for strength and durability

Aura | Extreme Cut Protection | Cut Level F

Aura Leather Reinforced Fingers and Palm.
Aura is a seamless, dipped glove with a knitted shell made using a technically blended yarn. It’s then further fortified with a protective leather palm and thumb / forefinger reinforcement. It offers maximum cut resistance at level ‘F’.

Resistance to cut and abrasion is critical when handling glass, plastic, wood, vinyl, aluminium and many other materials with sharp edges and /or rough surfaces. Aura was developed because we recognised that standard coated gloves were often unable to cope with some extreme hazards faced by end-users in the Glass Industry. We also identified the need for a tougher glove that could still offer excellent dexterity and grip. Aura ticks all the boxes, it’s ideal for any high-risk industrial environment.

Protection is extended up the wrist with an extra-long elasticated cuff providing a comfortable and snug fit. A great benefit when handling larger, more ridged objects like sheet glass.


  • Premium grade split leather palm coated for powerful grip
  • Fingertips free from leather for extra dexterity
  • Maximum cut resistance, level ‘F’

Wristex | Extreme Cut Protection For The Wrist.

This robust arm protector achieves maximum level cut ‘F’ cut protection and is specifically designed as defence against both cut and puncture hazards. It’s perfect for handling sheet glass as it extends protection over the wrist, right up to the elbow.

One size fits all and it’s available with two different fastening mechanisms. The Velcro option is quick and easy to position and secure around the wrist and the buckle fastening is extra secure, plus it can be adjusted as required. When in place, both options are secure and comfortable with a nice sung fit.


  • Designed for protection of the wrist
  • Maximum cut resistance, level ‘F’
  • Available with either buckle or Velcro fastening options

CT1071NM - Graphene Glove | Extreme Cut Protection | Cut Level F

Graphene Fibre Technology With Nitrile Micro-Foam Coating.
This is a Graphene Fibre glove, 25% lighter by design, a trailblazer for next generation cut resistant fibre technology. The ultra lightweight fibre easily achieves Cut Level ‘E’ and with Nitrile Micro-Foam coating you’ll enjoy enhanced grip, even in wet or oily conditions.

It also has 'Pinky Drop', the latest technology in glove manufacturing that enables the knitting machine to create a deeper crotch between the little finger (Pinky) and the ring finger. This follows the natural contours of the hand to ensure that there's no additional fabric at the end of the little finger or any webbing between fingers. The obvious benefits are better fit and better dexterity, ideal for precision handling in high-risk environments.

CT1071NM contains no harsh fibres, it's sanitised for hygiene and comes compete with a reinforced area between thumb and forefinger for yet more great protection.


  • 25% Lighter than a standard fibre cut ‘E’ glove
  • No blended glass fibre means no fibre breakdown which reduces protection and causes irritation
  • Next generation Nitrile micro-foam coating for great flexibility, tactility and durability

Lacuna | Extreme Cut Protection | Cut Level F

Available in three different coating options
Lacuna-F is a maximum cut-resistant work glove constructed using blended HPPE yarn with a high-tensile steel core and absolutely no glass fibre. It's a soft, comfortable glove that will withstand a blade applied at 30+ Newtons of force and therefore ideal for handling glass.

It's the perfect mix of strength and wearability with cut level ‘F’ credentials and we offer three different coating options so you can choose the one that's most suitable for your individual task or environment.

Polyurethane is for a high-dexterity, second-skin feel, Sandy Nitrile is for powerful grip even in oily conditions and Latex Crinkle gives you maximum performance even when moisture is present.


  • Blended HPPE yarn with high-tensile steel for extreme strength
  • Comfortable, flexible and dexterous
  • 3 Palm coated options

Gloves Defined For The Glass Industry

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Cut Resistant Level
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Palm Coated

Cut Resistant Level
Nitrile Micro Foam
Palm Coated

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