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EyeTicket Online Order

EyeTicket Ordering

Used by some of the UK’s largest blue chip organisations, MCR Safety’s online EyeTicket® ordering was the industries first paperless online ordering and management solution, for eye protection.

EyeTicket For End Users

Take control of your prescription protective eyewear and DSE/VDU programme.

Online ordering using EyeTicket®
EyeTicket® replaces the traditional paper order form
Eyewear profiles controls what the optician can order
Full order history, traceability and real time tracking
All your organisations eyewear orders are kept in one place
View colleagues eyewear orders
Quickly cancel or edit open EyeTicket® orders
Email and SMS Notifications
Integrates MCR Safety, optician, PPE distributor & you
Automated electronic queries / authorisations
Advanced daily / weekly / monthly order reports
Eyewear and sight test reminder service
Reduces administration
No paperwork for a greener option
Available 24 hours a day

EyeTicket For Opticians

What is an Eyeticket and what to expect

What is an EyeTicket®
An EyeTicket is an electronic version of the traditional paper order form and is part of MCR Safety’s corporate eyewear programme.

Patients who present an EyeTicket will provide you with an ID number, which will be found on their SMS or email notification.

When an EyeTicket is raised, the employer will specify an optician that their employee must visit. By signing into your online account, you can view all EyeTickets that have been raised for your practice. Here you will see your customers name, ID number and the option to process the EyeTicket.

You can also use this section to find your customer if they don’t have their EyeTicket number to hand.

What to expect when completing an EyeTicket®
When selecting the frame, lens and coating options, only items permitted by the patient’s employer will be presented. If you feel the patients requires an item which isn’t permitted, please tick the unauthorised item check-box. This will allow you to select an unauthorised item. This order will then go on hold for the employer to authorise. Once authorised, the order will be electronically transferred to our glazing lab for completion.

What happens after completing an EyeTicket®
MCR Safetywill make the spectacles and send them back to you for fitting. At the beginning of the month we will post you a cheque for dispensing and/or sight test fees.

DSE Upgrade Only
If the patient decides to upgrade to one of the DSE (Display Screen Equipment) frames and lenses, you are to apply the agreed discount and the patient MUST pay you directly.

MCR Safety will then post you a cheque for the professional fee.
The patients prescription is processed online
The system guides you to what is permitted on patients corporate eyewear profile
Reduces prescription form errors
Guarantees MCR Safety have received the order
Faster delivery times as order enters directly into our lab
Available 24 hours a day
Advanced Monthly / Weekly / Daily Order Reports
Opportunity to sell streetwear to MCR Safety's customers
Upgrade MCR Safety's DSE Customers to a frame in your store

EyeTicket For PPE Distributors

EyeTicket gives your customers all the tools and information required to manage their own eyewear programme with little interaction from yourself the distributor.

View all your customers EyeTicket eyewear orders at the touch of a button and in real-time. Its like having your own optical lab on screen and you need little to no interaction with MCR Safety to see where any of your customers eyewear orders are.

Once you get your customer signed up to EyeTicket all you have to do is sit back and let your customer manage their own eyewear programme using all the features of EyeTicket for end users. All the management tools allow you to view all your customers EyeTicket orders and even change your customers eyewear profile. Probably the only time you'll need to speak to your customer is if an authorised item as been raised and you need to quote a special price.

At the beginning of each month we will email you an advanced order report of all orders despatched for your customers.

Your customter registers of an EyeTicket® online account
Full order history, traceability and real time tracking of all your customers orders
Manage automated electronic queries / authorisations
Quickly cancel or edit your customers open EyeTicket® orders
View and Manage Your Customers Eyewear Profile
Advanced daily / weekly / monthly order reports
Eyewear and sight test reminder service
Reduces administration
No paperwork for a greener option
Available 24 hours a day