EyeTicket For Distributors

View all your customers EyeTicket eyewear orders with full history at the touch of a button. There's no need to wait for an invoice from Parmelee to know a sale has been made.
EyeTicket gives your customers all the tools and information required to manage their own eyewear programme with little interaction from yourself the distributor.

Once you get your customer signed up to EyeTicket all you have to do is sit back and let your customer manage their own eyewear programme using all the features of EyeTicket for end users. All the management tools allow you to view all your customers EyeTicket orders and even change your customers eyewear profile. Probably the only time you'll need to speak to your customer is if an authorised item as been raised and you need to quote a special price.

At the beginning of each month we'll email you an advanced order report of all orders despatched for your customers.
Key Features Of EyeTicket®

- Full Traceability
- View EyeTicket Orders By Customer
- Real Time History and Tracking
- View and Manage Your Customers Eyewear Profile
- Simple Customer Setup On EyeTicket
- Faster Deliveries As Order Enters Directly Into Our Lab
- Manage Authorisations
- Advanced Daily / Weekly / Monthly Order Reports
- Reduced Administration
- Green Option
- Available 24 hours a day
Its like having your own optical lab at the touch of a button with EyeTicket.
All the information you see about your customers orders is exactly what we see here at Parmelee. All in real time, available 24 hours a day, every day.