Online ordering simplified for your corporate prescription protective eyewear program.

Historically, managing a prescription safety spectacle programme has been perceived as complicated, time consuming or the system just too clunky. On top of this loads of paperwork flying around, no trace-ability (which is now a requirement of the PPE regulation), lack of visibility and no controls. All too common with a paper-based eyewear service. I can even throw in issues with been hit with expensive opticians’ fees and not even knowing if your employee has even been to the optician to get their safety glasses. Only knowing when the employees has received their prescription safety glasses once the invoice arrives from your PPE distributor.

Does this sound all too familiar? Is one of these issues screaming out to you?

Can all these issues really be resolved by using MCR Safety’s online prescription eyewear solution? We strongly believe the answer is yes.

Back in 2013 we looked at all these common problems and decided we needed a game changer which is online, paperless and simple. So, we developed EyeTicket.

EyeTicket online ordering for prescription safety glasses

EyeTicket is our paperless online prescription safety glasses ordering solution. In three simple steps an order is raised for your employee. You don’t even need to be face-to-face with your employee. You could even manage multiple sites from one location.

  1. Select Safety or DSE glasses
  2. Enter Employee Details
  3. Select Optician

How does that compare to your prescription safety order? Simple? This online process completely replaces the traditional paper order form. Instead your employee will receive either a text message or email confirmation, the green option. All your employee needs to do is book an appointment with their chosen optician, make the visit and show the optician the confirmation. The optician will do the rest.

At key stages, everyone involved in the order process (you, the employee and optician) is kept in the loop by email or text message.  

When are notifications sent out?

  1. When an EyeTicket is raised
  2. Once the optician completes the EyeTicket, this includes tracking information
  3. Finally, when the order is despatched from our optical lab

The benefits from receiving notifications are

  1. You know your employees have visited the optician
  2. You can see what safety glasses your employee has ordered
  3. You know when the safety glasses have been dispatched from our optical lab
  4. Anyone can track the order

Traditionally with a paper-based service, you wouldn’t know if the employee has received their prescription safety glasses until you receive the invoice.

Eyewear Profile

EyeTicket gives you greater control over product selection and cost. Using “Eyewear Profiles” you can define which eyewear frames, lenses and coatings your organisation will pay for. Effectively setting the parameters to what can be invoiced. This also assists the optician when completing the eyewear order for your employee.

If an item isn’t permitted e.g. anti-reflective coating, then the optician would select to request authorisation for the item. This would automatically place the order on hold for authorisation. This offers flexibility for exceptional cases and stops any toing and froing between the optician, MCR and the employer. With a paper-based service this slows down the process and increases administration for all involved.

Prescription safety glasses with no unauthorised items on the order, will enter directly into our optical lab for manufacture. This results in faster deliveries.

All protective eyewear orders placed via EyeTicket will be made and dispatched within 3 working days. With less complex orders such as single vision lenses, we can make and despatch the same day. Our aim is to always have our wearers with their eyewear in the shortest possible time. We understand that in many working environments the wearer must not be without up to date safety glasses.

History, Tracking and Traceability

Every EyeTicket raised is traceable from start to finish. This includes tracking your orders all around our optical lab and back to the optician. With the updated PPE Regulation 2016/425, traceability is paramount.

Employees are provided with a tracking ID so they can track their own orders without having to contact you or the optician. One less reason for you to be contacted and distracted.

Your complete order history for your corporate eyewear plan is kept securely in one place and is accessible at the click of a button and at any time. No need to print and file any more spectacle paper order forms. You can even use our advanced search options to find any previous orders.

Why not download our IOS or Android app to keep on top of your eyewear program?

Best of all should an employee leave the company, you can quickly access their open EyeTicket order and cancel it. Preventing that employee from trying to get their prescription safety glasses at the company’s expense. Something that would not be possible with a paper order form. A bit of extra security.

Orders are transparent with EyeTicket. The system seamlessly integrates you, the PPE distributor, the optician and MCR Safety. Everyone can see the same orders in real-time. It’s like having your own optical lab at the click of a button. This is only made possible by the fact we have our own optical lab. Better still, why don’t you come and visit our optical lab to see what it’s about?

Advanced Reporting

Do you know when your employees are due a new sight test or new eye protection? Does this mean continually checking paperwork or relying on the employee coming to you?

At the beginning of every month we will email you a summary of every EyeTicket from the previous calendar month. If you require more regular reports, we can provide daily and weekly reports.

To keep on top of who is due a new sight test or new prescription safety glasses, we will email you a monthly report to cover this. We understand in some industries like aerospace, it is important that sight tests are conducted at regular periods and these reports are designed to assist you with this process. We will never notify the employee that they are due a new sight test or spectacles.

When does an order become an official order?

This is a question we get ask frequently. The only time an EyeTicket becomes an official order is at the point the optician completes the EyeTicket. Any time before this the EyeTicket can be cancelled at no expensive.

How is all this possible?

At MCR Safety, we develop all our own web services and own our own optical lab. This allows us to combine our web systems with our manufacturing, which gives you all these features of EyeTicket. Yes, you could pay a web developer to create a web service like ours but without the optical lab it is difficult to replicate what we have developed.

As we develop our own services, we are able to make quick and efficient modifications to support our customers evolving prescription safety eyewear needs.

Interested in Using EyeTicket?

Please contact our sales team for a no obligation demonstration of the service. EyeTicket is a free service to all our prescription safety and DSE customers.

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