Maximum Cut Protection with Revolutionary PURATEC coating

This new cut-resistant glove is designed for use in high cut risk environments. It’s unique mix of protective properties place it way ahead of all other gloves in this arena.

CT1065ST | Cut Level F | PURATEC Palm Coating

Featherweight, Breathable & Highly Dexterous
• Fine, 18G featherweight yarn is extremely strong and resistant to cut
• Back of hand free from coating so air can circulate allowing breathability
• Flexible construction moves with your hand to reduce fatigue
• Ergonomic fit for precision handling, dexterity all-day comfort

Maximum Cut Protection Glove
• EN388:2016 Maximum cut level ‘F’
• Glove can withstand a blade applied at 30 Newtons or above
• Designed for use in high cut risk environments
• Maximum cut resistance normally associated with a bulkier

Glass fibre free
• Its brittle and can fracture causing discomfort

Extra Protection where it’s most needed
• Robust reinforcement between thumb and forefinger
• Protects sensitive part of the hand which is highly vulnerable to injury
• Adds confidence when handling sharp or jagged objects
• Aids comfortable and secure grip

Touch-Screen Technology
• Allows easy touch-screen use for tech and machinery
• Convenience and time-saving benefits

CE cut level F protection

PURATEC | Revolutionary Coating

Water-based for purity

PURATEC is a water-based coating completely free from DMF and silicon for zero skin irritation and zero odour. Safe dyes guarantee no pigment migration onto the skin or contact surfaces and its completely non-allergenic.

No risk of silicone erosion

Silicone is common in glove dips; it becomes atomised in the air and will deposit on surfaces. Deposits can cause erosion which is extremely detrimental in most industrial environments. With PURATEC there is no silicon so no deposits and no risk of erosion.

All round good grip

The grip is exceptionally strong when objects are dry, wet or even a slightly oily. PURATEC has been tested against nitrile foam coatings and is proven to be superior for its gripping ability.

Flexibility and comfort

The incredible flexibility of PURATEC means the glove will perfectly follow the contours of your hand. When stretched, the glove will always return to the correct ergonomic fit. Even if you have very large or very small hands, once you have the correct glove size for you, the comfort will be exceptional.

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