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Keep your hands warm this winter

When you work outside in the winter or in a cold environment, it’s very important to keep your hands warm with specialist winter hand protection. It’s not just a case of pulling on any old pair of gloves – they won’t give you the protection you need.

MCR Safety has the technology to produce specialist gloves for the cold that keep hands warm, insulated, protected and comfortable so you can concentrate on the getting the job done!

Get the right specialist hand protection for you

At MCR Safety we like to bring you choice. We have two specialist winter gloves each offering a slightly different range of protective properties. Consider the task you’re carrying out and your environment and decide which glove is best for you:

WL1048 | Palm and Fully Coated

WL1048 takes you to the next level of protection from the cold. This is a nylon glove with HTP coating and a terry towelling lining for extra comfort. Its primary purpose is to protect you from cold while still allowing for great dexterity.

The HTP coating is tough and flexible with a Sponge-Touch finish for outstanding grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. It uses Hydropellent Technology which is synonymous with dexterity and breathability. The seamless nylon shell also allows your skin to breathe, is sanitised to prevent unpleasant odours and produces minimal lint.

The nylon shell and HTP coating work together to form a powerful barrier against cold and also exhibit extreme cold flexibility so your movement is not restricted by the fabric of the glove. You can choose from palm coated or fully coated options depending on the nature of the task and working environment.

In summary, this glove is ideal for carrying out precision handling tasks in very cold environments both indoors and out. You can rely on it for warmth, comfort and dexterity.

  • EN388:2016 3231X
  • EN511: X2X

Zestos | Cut Protection

Zestos is a thermally insulated work glove with a warm fleecy lining and a water-resistant outer. It’s also designed to offer an elevated level of cut protection.

The exterior of the glove has a bi-polymer coating that’s similar to Neoprene. It’ finely textured surface repels water droplets and provides powerful wet and dry grip. On the interior, the super-soft, micro-fleece lining is incredibly comfortable.

This glove delivers a level of cut resistance not normally associated with a winter glove. It achieves grade ‘C’ in the rigorous EN388:2016 test. It can withstand a blade applied at up to 14.9 Newtons, a level of protection that ensures confidence when working with sharp or jagged objects.

When you know you’re protected and your hands are warm you use your full range of dexterity so you work quickly, efficiently and without that uncomfortable frozen feeling. Zestos has warmth, cut resistance, grip and dexterity all in one specialist winter glove!

  • EN388:2016 2X42C
  • EN511: X1X

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