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Online ordering simplified with reduced administration for your corporate prescription safety glasses

We know we can reduce your administration and save you time managing a corporate safety eyecare program. At the same time supplying you with a high-quality eye protector which is manufactured in less than 4 days.

Managing an corporate prescription safety eyewear program has been perceived as complicated, time consuming or the system just too clunky. On top of this loads of paperwork flying around, no traceability (which is now a requirement of the PPE regulation), lack of visibility and no controls. All too common with a paper-based eyewear service.

With our online EyeTicket ordering solution, all these issues are taken away.

  • Raise an spectacle order in 3 simple steps
  • Text message or email replaces the traditional paper form
  • Full history, tracking and traceability of every order
  • Made in less than 4 days

Watch our video on how to raise an order in 3 simple steps

EyeTicket ordering and management has been successful used and relied on for over 6 years with large UK based organisations. We have over 1500 opticians including Boots Opticians supporting the paperless EyeTicket solution.

Interested in using our market leading EyeTicket Solution?

  • Our sales team can provide a no obligation demonstration of the full online service
  • Our prescription safety glasses are competitively priced
  • We can work with your current PPE distributor
  • Simply complete the form and we will happily contact you

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