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Advanced Cut Resistant Yarn –
Thin, comfortable and strong as steel

A cut resistant safety glove which utilises ultra thin fibres to provide high levels of cut protection. A safety glove you want to wear rather than have to wear

As a leading innovator in the hand protection market, MCR Safety has developed a completely new type of cut-protective yarn. Based on scientific techniques never previously explored, this yarn is unique and unrivalled for its cut protection and comfort. The new yarn can be manufactured to produce safety gloves with a range of different specifications and cut resistance levels.

How is the new cut fibre different?

Our advanced fibre filament uses micro-reinforcements. These ultra-thin fibres deliver high levels of cut protection without including any glass fibre. They’re thoroughly tested, and we can clearly demonstrate the new yarn’s superiority in all round performance and durability. With the added benefits of being smooth, comfortable, flexible, and dexterous.

No Fibre Glass.

Protective gloves are generally blended with fibre glass to achieve high levels of cut protection economically. These materials do fortify the glove but will not withstand heavy usage or repeated cleaning due to the brittle nature of their structure. They become fractured causing particles to break free and make contact with the skin. This causes irritation and, in some cases, it can actually cause an allergic reaction. In a relatively short time this breakdown will drastically reduce the cut-resistant performance of the glove so it will no longer offer adequate protection for the hand. Resulting in the safety glove being replaced regularly.

Fibre glass fibres can become fractured causing particles to break free and make contact with the skin

3 Families, 3 Cut Levels & 3 Coatings.

The Shells

  • CT1062 | CE Cut Level B
    • 18-gauge featherweight shell
    • Form fitting safety glove
    • Medium-risk cut protection at EN388:2016 cut level ‘B’
    • Exceptional level of dexterity
    • Precision handling
    • No fibre glass
  • CT1063 | CE Cut Level C
    • 15 gauge ultra-lightweight shell
    • Medium-risk cut protection at EN388:2016 cut level ‘C’
    • Flexible and fits snugly
    • Exceptional level of dexterity
    • No fibre glass
  • CT1064 | CE Cut Level D
    • 18-gauge featherweight shell
    • Ground-breaking new yarn formulation to achieve EN388:2016 cut level ‘D’
    • Follows the contours of the hand
    • Exceptional level of dexterity
    • Freedom to operate in medium to high hazard environments with precision
    • No fibre glass
CT1062 safety gloves using advanced cut fibres to produce CE cut level B protection CT1063 safety gloves using advanced cut fibres to produce CE cut level C protection CT1064 safety gloves using advanced cut fibres to produce CE cut level D protection
CT1062 | Cut Level B CT1063 | Cut Level C CT1064 | Cut Level D

The Coatings

  • Nitrile Air (Breathable)
    • Palm coated
    • Premium nitrile breathable foam
    • Highly durable and flexible
    • Achieved over 30,000 abrasive cycles during testing
    • Reinforced thumb-crotch
    • Touch-screen fingertips
  • PU
    • Palm coated
    • Ultra-thin coating
    • Hard wearing and flexible
    • Enhances fingertip tactility
    • Reinforced thumb-crotch
    • Touch-screen fingertips
  • Double Dip Nitrile
    • ¾ double coated nitrile coating
    • Protect against oil-intense industrial fluids
    • First smooth layer of nitrile forms the defence barrier
    • Second nitrile foam layer on the exterior provides the powerful grip
    • Safe handling in dry-wet-oily conditions
    • ¾ coating provides back of hand breathability
    • Touch-screen fingertips
Touchscreen technology allows the wear to operate touchscreen devices without the need to remove their safety gloves Reinforced thumb-crotch provides added protection between the finger and thumb and prolongs the life of the glove in high wear areas.

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See Product Specification

- CT1062NA | Nitrile Air | Cut Level B
- CT1062PU | PU | Cut Level B
- CT1062ND | Double Dip Nitrile | Cut Level B

- CT1063NA | Nitrile Air | Cut Level C

- CT1064NA | Nitrile Air | Cut Level D
- CT1064PU | PU | Cut Level D
- CT1064ND | Double Dip Nitrile | Cut Level D

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