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Maximum Cut Protection With Revolutionary PURATEC Coating.

Cut protection gloves | Level F | CT1065ST

CT1065ST is the latest edition to our cut protection range. We have developed a new and exclusive product with huge advantages in high-risk environments. This glove offers a unique mix of protective properties and other genuine benefits that place it way ahead of all other gloves in this arena.

Maximum Cut Protection.

CT1065ST achieves Cut Level ‘F’ in the EN388:2016 Test. To achieve this, the glove must withstand a blade applied at 30 Newtons or above which is the equivalent of over 6.5lbs of force. Level ‘F’ is the highest possible rating and qualifies this safety glove for use in high-risk cut environments.

Cut level F, maximum cut protection for a safety glove

Featherweight, Breathable and Highly Dexterous

The glove is manufactured on state-of-the-art knitting machines using 18- gauge needles. This narrow needle girth creates high stitch intensity producing a fine, light fabric. The yarn itself is also ultra-thin so the finished glove is light yet, due to the stitch intensity, extremely strong and resistant to cut.

The lightweight properties also allow fabric of the glove to closely follow the contours of the hand, so you get a comfortable, snug fit and most importantly very high levels of dexterity. Even though you have the maximum level of cut protection normally associated with a bulkier glove, you are able to manipulate small, intricate objects with ease.

The nature of the yarn and the construction allow this glove to be breathable. This breathability is also possible because the PURATEC dip doesn’t cover the entire hand. The back of the hand is left free in order for air to circulate to the skin.

A lightweight, breathable glove will respond better to the movements of the hand reducing fatigue so the glove can be comfortably worn all day long.

Extra Protection where it is most needed

CT1065ST has robust reinforcement in the delicate area between thumb and forefinger. This is a sensitive part of the hand and highly vulnerable to injury. It’s most likely to come into contact with sharp or jagged edges when you’re gripping or manipulating an object or piece of material. Extra protection is definitely needed. The reinforcement enables the wearer to grip more confidently knowing that the extra protection is there.

Touchscreen technology allows the wear to operate touchscreen devices without the need to remove their safety gloves Reinforced thumb-crotch provides added protection between the finger and thumb and prolongs the life of the glove in high wear areas.

Revolutionary New Coating.

CT1065ST is the first cut level ‘F’ glove in our range to have PURATEC, a revolutionary new coating. We’ve developed it with our manufacturing partners to be used exclusively for our CT1065 protective glove.

  • Water-based for purity
    PURATEC is a water-based coating completely free from DMF and silicon. This means zero skin irritation and zero odour. It uses safe dyes that guarantee no migration of pigment particles onto the skin or any other contact surface. It’s also non-allergenic.
  • No risk of silicone erosion
    Silicone is a common element in glove dip formulas; it becomes atomized in the air and will deposit on surfaces. These deposits can cause erosion which is extremely detrimental in most industrial environments. With PURATEC there is no silicon so no deposits and no risk of erosion.
  • All round good grip
    Although the feel and appearance of the coating is smooth, the grip is surprisingly strong. Not only will you get a secure hold on a dry object or surface, you can also grip anything wet or slightly oily. PURATEC has been tested against Nitrile foam coatings and is proven to be superior for its gripping ability.
  • Flexibility and comfort
    The incredible flexibility of PURATEC allows the glove to perfectly follow the contours of your hand. Because it has material memory, when stretched, it will always return to the correct ergonomic fit. Even if you have very large or very small hands, once you have the correct glove size for you, the comfort will be exceptional.
  • Touchscreen
    There’s no need to remove your CT1065ST glove to operate touch screen machinery or tech. The featherweight nature of the glove and the smooth finish of the coating work with your hand movement and act like a second skin – your touchscreen devices will not even notice the difference! Obviously, the time-saving benefits and convenience factor speak for themselves.
Watch this short video about this PURATEC coating
PURATEC coating, memory flex and hand forming Water repellent and quick dry technology

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Maximum cut level F protection with our revolutionary bi-polymer coating