Safety Spectacle Standards

As a prescription safety eyewear manufacturer and specialist, high safety standards are a high priority to us and for your eyes.
All of our prescription safety glasses meet the highest European and British safety standards. In addition to this we maintain a strict in house testing policy to ensure all of our safety eyewear products continue to meet high standards and quality.

CE EN166 : 2001

BS EN166 CE Certified
Peace of mind that all of our products are approved to the latest European Standards.

About BS EN166
89/686/EEC directive requires the CE symbol marking and the manufactures logo on all equipment of personal protection.

Optical Quality
Requirements concerning the optical qualities of the eyewear ensure that users have comfortable and unaffected vision.

Standard EN166 defines three optical classes. Parmelee Eyewear Solutions only manufactures with optical class 1 lenses which is recommended for permanent wear.

To comply with standard EN166, the eyewear must be strong enough to withstand every day risks that might damage or affect the eye protector.

The symbol ‘S’ guarantees the minimum strength that corresponds to a Ø 22 mm ball, 43 g, falling from a height of 1.30 m (12m/sec.). CR39 lenses are used for this level of protection.

The symbol ‘F’ is the strongest level for prescription safety glasses. This is tested by firing a steel ball at 45 m/sec. Polycarbonate lenses are used for this level of protection.
British Standards Kitemark (Licence Number KM 3574)

The BSI Kitemark™ is a registered certification mark owned and operated by BSI. It is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety and offers true value to consumers, businesses and procurement practices.

The British Standards Kitemark is an optional and additional standard of quality which exceeds EN166. We have opted for this standard on all of our prescription safety eyewear.

Twice a year BSI auditors independently visit our laboratory and audit our manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality standards are consistently achieved and maintained.

In addition to our own in house testing, BSI will randomly request specific prescription safety frames made with various lens materials, lens types and lens prescriptions for continued testing.

The kitemark ensures the quality and continual improvement of our product which assures you our customer, that our products meet the highest possible standards of quality.

Only when we meet these high standards we can stamp our lenses and frames with the British Standards Kitemark symbol.
ISO9001 : 2008 (Licence Number FM 27312)

Our complete business is approved to the latest ISO9001:2008 (FM 27312) standard with a high emphasis on continuous improvement at all stages throughout the company. This provides a clear demonstration to the commitment of quality from within Parmelee Eyewear Solutions.

Our aim is to provide our customers with products that meet their specified requirements for prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear.
Prescription Safety Lens and Frame Markings

Lens Markings  
P   Parmelee's Identification Symbol
1   The Optical Accuracy Of Our Lenses
F   Energy impact grade (Polycarbonate Only)
S   Increased Robustness (CR39)
Kitemark    British Standards Kitemark
Frame Markings  
P   Parmelee's Identification Symbol
EN166   The European Safety Standard Approval
F   Energy Impact Grade (Polycarbonate Only)
S   Increased Robustness (CR39)
British Standards Kitemark Licence Number KM 3574 ISO9001:2008 BSIF Member FMO Member
As we have our own optical lab and testing rigs, we have complete control of the manufacturing and testing.
All of our prescription safety eyewear is independently tested by BSI to ensure high standards and quality.