DSE Eyecare

Our new DSE programme only available via EyeTicket, offers one simple price and gives your employee the opportunity to upgrade their frame.
One Simple Price For Your DSE Programme And Your Employee Can Even Upgrade Frame.

As part of the Health and Safety (DSE) regulations 1992, it is down to you the employer to ensure the comfort of vision for your employees when using a visual display unit i.e. computer screen.

This means paying for your employees to have an eye test and possible spectacles. So now your thinking "what is this going to cost me as eye examinations and spectacles vary so much in price". In addition "how am I going to control this?"

With over 60 years experience in the optical industry manufacturing eyewear and providing eyewear solutions, we have come up with a solution which is simple and easy to management. Regardless of the size of your business.

With participating opticians, we have one price which covers the price of the sight test and choice of 8 spectacles which we provide. Your employee even has the option to *upgrade to any frame and lenses in the opticians store.

There’s no hidden charges and one simple billing structure. Best of all the complete DSE Programme is fully traceable, managed online and completely paperless.

* Participating optician will provide a discount (Usually 20%) off any frame and lens upgrade in store. Boots Opticians will give £20 off when employee upgrades to a frame over £90.
What's Included In the DSE Plan

- Sight Test
- Dispensing Fee
- Complete Spectacles With Single Vision Lenses
- Discount With Optician To Upgrade (Optional)
- One Price
- Online Management

Online Ordering And Management

- Raise Orders Online Using EyeTicket
- Full Order History
- Real Time Tracking
- Recall System
- Monthly/Weekly/Daily Order Report(s)
- Every Order Is Fully Traceable

Participating Opticians

- Boots Opticians
- Optical Express
- Participating Independent Opticians
One simple price for your DSE programme.
Control your budget and DSE programme via EyeTicket.