EyeTicket For Opticians

Process our corporate customers eyewear orders online and potientially grow your streetwear sales on the back of our customers. We'll drive footfall to you and for free.
EyeTicket Processing Is Quick, Simple and we'll keep you in the loop.

By being part of our EyeTicket programme to process prescription safety and dse orders online, patients from our corporate customers may choose your optical practice to use. We'll email you everytime an EyeTicket is raised for your branch to give you the heads up that our patient will be contacting you to book an appointment. When the patient visits they will let you know they are part of the EyeTicket programme or may present a SMS message or email acknowledgement that they have an EyeTicket for their safety or dse eyewear.

Remember NO paper order forms are required. All you have to do is sign into your online account, recall the EyeTicket and process it online for the spectacles if required.

Once you have processed the EyeTicket online, why not take this opportunity to sell your streetwear spectacles to our corporate customer from the footfall we have generated.

There is no cost for beginning part of our EyeTicket programme.
Key Features Of EyeTicket®

- The patients prescription is processed online
- Can only order what's permitted on patients corporate eyewear profile
- Opportunity to sell streetwear to Parmelee customers
- Upgrade Parmelee DSE Customers to a frame in your store
- Guarantees we have received the order
- Faster delivery times as order enters directly into our lab
- Reduces prescription form errors
- Advanced Monthly / Weekly / Daily Order Reports
- Real time order history and tracking
- Available 24 hours a day

Click Here And Register For An Online Account
Remember this is a paperless system and the patient won't have a paper order form.
If there is an EyeTicket available for the patient, then they are authorised by their company for a pair of Safety and/or DSE prescription spectacles