EyeTicket For End Users

With full traceability, order history and your eyewear profile, you can finally be in control for your eyewear programme.
Who would of thought you could have a paperless eyewear ordering system with full traceability and control.

Raising an EyeTicket order couldn't be easier. Simply sign into your online account, complete your employees details and select which optician to visit. No paperwork is created. If you selected SMS/Email confirmation, your employee will receive a message containing the opticians contact details to book an appointment. Best of all your optician can only order items based on your eyewear profile.

EyeTicket's management tools are just as powerful. EyeTicket allows you to quickly identify if your employee has visited their chosen optician or which employees have had their spectacles, without you contacting the employee or fighting through invoices. We'll even send you order reports and reminder reports for employees requiring new spectacles or eye tests.
Key Features Of EyeTicket®

- Full Traceability
- Full Order History
- Real Time Tracking
- Controls What The Optician Orders
- Faster Deliveries As Order Enters Directly Into Our Lab
- Authorisations Automated
- Integrates Optician, Distributor and Parmelee
- Advanced Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports
- Eyewear Reminder System
- Email and SMS Notifications For Employees
- Green Option
- Available 24 hours a day
- Expire EyeTickets
If your employee leaves the company you can cancel the EyeTicket to prevent them from getting spectacles.
What's to stop an ex-employee from still trying to get spectacles if they have a paper order form. EyeTicket stops this in an instance.