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Formally know as Parmelee Eyewear Solutions

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Manufacturing Prescription Safety Eyewear and Innovating Ordering Systems Since 1953
About MCR Safety (Formally Parmelee Eyewear Solutions)

MCR Safety is a market leader for the manufacture of prescription safety glasses and supply of eye and face protection. Not only do we supply safety eyewear, we innovate and provide safety eyewear ordering solutions.

Our investment in new technologies is allowing us to keep delivery times for our products to a minimum and provide you with accurate up to date information via our web management systems.

All of our prescription eyewear products are manufactured in our own Optical Lab which is ISO9001:2008 accredited.

Our prescription safety eyewear products comply to the highest European and British standards. Ours products comply to BS EN166:2002 and the British Standards Kitemark. Please be aware that BS EN166:2002 and the British Standards Kitemark are two seperate standards.

We have complete control over the manufacture and supply of our Safety and DSE Eyewear, so any issues that may arise can be resolved smoothly and quickly by our customer service support staff.

Your Global Partner In Protecting People

As a global business partner we support our complete operations via modern sophisticated distribution centres ensuring that our customers needs are serviced at any time. We take pride in being able to work with our complete supply chain and we focus our energy and time in developing a greater understanding of our customers needs via our MCR Safety End User Engagement programme.

We have trained specialists both internal and external, their purpose is to bring the next generation of products to the market and provide invaluable support for complex work programmes where gloves for special applications are required.

Our ‘Look’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Learn’ approach to the market and our workforce is acting as our route finder for future product and employee development. At the heart of our company are the people, and the passion they bring to every situation put before them. Through their dedication you can be assured that they only sleep well when they know a good job has been done and that they have done their utmost to ensure that anyone wearing MCR Safety PPE is protected like a loved one of their own.

As part of our commitment to our customers we work alongside other leading companies in their fields to combine expertise.
Our History In Prescription Eyewear

Parmelee Ltd was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 1953, by a gentleman called Mr Alfred Parmelee.

Mr Alfred Parmelee was an American Citizen whom enjoyed a challenge and prior to establishing Parmelee Safety in the UK he had already created a successful safety business in Kansas, USA called US Safety.

Since 1953, Parmelee Eyewear Solutions has developed to become the leading supplier of prescription safety eyewear into the UK market. Parmelee continues to support a wide range of companies in developing there safety eyewear programmes. These include small to large Blue Chip companies, PPE Distributors and Opticians.

In August 2013 USSafety was purchased by MCR Safety. Parmelee Ltd is now part of the MCR family and together we manufacture and supply a large range of PPE products worldwide.

There's nothing we don't know about eye and face protection.
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