Ensuring Quality Standards

Ensuring High Quality Standards

All of our MCR Safety gloves are selected and tested to the highest standards to meet the European CE standards.

We are confident that the quality of our gloves will protect your workforce in your specific working environment. With our vast knowledge of our glove range and performance levels, we can assist you in selecting the correct gloves to protect your employee's hands and arms.

Key CE EN Safety Standards

Mechanical Hazards EN388:2016
EN 388 Mechanical Hazards
a. Abrasion Resistance 0-4
b. Blade Cut Resistance 0-5
c. Tear Resistance 0-4
d. Puncture Resistance 0-4
e. ISO TDM Cut (N) (A-F)
f. Impact (Pass/Fail)
We have complete control of innovation, manufacturing and testing.
As a safety glove manufacturer and innovator, high safety standards are a high priority.